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We believe that all retail traders deserve the opportunity to secure funding based on their performance and dedication to their trading.

OnlyFunds is a proprietary firm looking for skilled and accomplished traders to become part of our community.

We’ve created an evaluation process to identify skilled traders seeking an opportunity to trade with larger capital. Those who successfully pass the evaluation will unlock access to OnlyFunds capital as a funded trader, where they can manage funds remotely and increase the account’s value through our scaling plan. As a funded trader, you will be able to retain 80% of the profits generated on an OnlyFunds account, subject to compliance with our Terms of Use and Customer Agreement.

Industry Expertise:

At OnlyFunds, we leverage years of experience in financial markets to offer exceptional prop trading solutions.

Transparent and Fair Trading Conditions:

Offering straightforward and fair trading conditions to ensure a level playing field for all our traders.

Global Reach:

Catering to a diverse international community of traders, we embrace a global perspective in prop trading.

Innovative Minds

Pioneering modern trading solutions.

20+ Years

Combined Trading Experience

Client Focused

Committed to trader success and satisfaction.

Meet Our Team



Based in the UK and at the age of 26, Connor brings a strong passion for the industry and over 8 years of experience in the trading space.

Starting out, Connor traded using technical analysis but soon discovered his passion and success with an automated approach using expert advisors.

Starting out, Connor traded using technical analysis but soon discovered his passion and success with an automated approach using expert advisors.



Based in the United Kingdom, this 40-year-old father of five daughters spent just under 20 years within the Automotive sector as a Senior Manager. Responsible for leading large teams to achieve customer and financial objectives, before leaving that life behind and moving into trading full time.

Over the last 15 years Darren has has delved into various trading sectors, including stocks and shares, spread betting indices, binary trading, and forex trading.

Propelled by his fascination with algorithmic trading, Darren founded POW in 2020 which has grown exponentially ever since then with over 1000 members to date worldwide.



Upon completion of his Bachelor of Business & Law degree from University, Joel commenced his career in the business sector as a Category Analyst with world leading surf brand Billabong. As a category analyst Joel analyzed market trends, consumer behavior, and sales data to develop insights and recommendations for improving the performance of assigned categories.

After making a transition to the commercial property sector, Joel spent more than 12 years as General Manager at a large commercial car park operator within the property and asset industry. In this high-level executive role, Joel was responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the business which extended to developing and implementing strategic plans, managing budgets and financial resources, and coordinating the activities of various departments or teams.

Joel’s experience & career would eventually lead him to trading which he committed himself too entirely only 3 years ago & has since left his job to become a full time trader. Through his own personal experiences with prop firms, Joel understands the significant market gaps with many of the major service providers. Joel understands that getting paid quickly & efficiently, in addition with a streamlined customer experience is what traders want – & this is what the OnlyFunds team plan to deliver.

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