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Discover an exciting opportunity to empower aspiring Forex traders and earn rewarding benefits with our Affiliate Program. The Forex market is brimming with untapped potential, but many traders find themselves held back by limited capital or psychological barriers. This is where you come in.

By joining our Affiliate Program, you become a catalyst for growth, guiding these traders towards our unique platform. It’s more than just a referral system; it’s a chance to make a meaningful impact in the trading community while reaping lucrative rewards for yourself.

Our program is designed with simplicity and transparency in mind. You’ll find the registration form and the detailed terms of the Affiliate Program right below. Fill it out, send it to us, and embark on this rewarding journey. We’re eager to collaborate with you and outline the specific steps to maximize your success.

Join us today and be the bridge that connects skilled traders to the resources they need to flourish. Your role in their journey won’t go unnoticed – it’s a partnership where everyone wins.

Get rewards of up to 15% commission

Enjoy enhanced rewards as your referrals increase with our tiered system that offers greater benefits for more trader referrals.

Withdrawals made easy

An efficient and regular withdrawal process, simplified for your convenience.

Content at your finger tips

Providing you with the content and information you need to be the best possible affiiate.

Affiliate Plans

Tier 1

  • Receive a free $100K challenge.

  • Monthly affiliate payouts.

  • 10% commission on all challenges purchased via their affiliate link.

Tier 2

  • Receive free $200K challenge.

  • Fortnightly affiliate payouts.

  • 2.5% commission on all challenges purchased via their affiliate link.

Tier 3

  • Receive free $300K challenge.

  • Weekly affiliate payouts.

  • 15% commission on all challenges purchased via their affiliate link.

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